Faster microbial measurements than before

In business, time is often valuable and especially if you are handling a delicate product with a short shelf life, such as fresh fish. In an interesting project that has been worked on at IFL, in collaboration with Danmarks Fødevarforsikring, work was done to significantly shorten the time that elapses until the results of microbiological measurements of marine products are available.

This is said on website Of the ACP Fund. A new technology called "Real-Time PCR" offers a much shorter response time than previously possible, in addition to the fact that with "RT-PCR" a similar method is being applied to all types of bacteria and therefore there is great potential for automatic generation. diagnostic equipment.

In 2005, the project called Rapid microbial measurements and is Eyjólfur Reynisson its project manager. The project is funded by the AVS, Norfa and Leonardo da Vinci funds, as well as IFL. 

It is worth mentioning that an article by Eyjólf and his colleagues was recently published in the scientific journal Journal of Microbiological Methods.  Read the article

As mentioned earlier, the project was funded by IFL, AVS, Norfa, the Leonardo project, Danish Agri Business, the EU project Food-PCR 2, MedVetNet and the CampyFood project of the Nordic Innovation Fund.


Article from IFL in the latest issue. Ægis

The December issue of the magazine Ægir contains an article about research carried out at IFL on a comparison of the shelf life of farmed cod on the one hand and wild cod on the other. As previously stated, the results have attracted a great deal of attention.

The authors of the article in question in Ægi are two experts at IFL, Soffía Vala Tryggvadóttir and Héléne Liette Lauzon. This study is part of a large research project that began in 2003 and is called Future cod.

Two reports have been published in the project, the first, Future cod: Quality assessment of farmed cod (No. 10-04) was published in October 2004 and the latter, Future cod: shelf life, texture, muscle building and processing of farmed cod (no. 26-05) and the one on which the article in Ægir is based, was published in November 2005. The reports can be viewed by clicking here.

Read an article in Ægi