Matís Staff

Justine Vanhalst

Project Manager

Research group: Sustainability and aquaculture

Phone: +354 4225085 /


Focus Areas:

Innovation, Entrepreneurs, Environmental Impact, Sustainability, Biotechnology, Marine Biology


Scientific Articles


Going to extremes - a metagenomic journey into the dark matter of life.  doi: 10.1093 / femsle / fnab067

Education for the general public

(2021) The Covid-19 Pandemic and Food Consumption Patterns Doi: 10.6027 / temanord2021-540

(2020) Webinar - Imagining the future of food with Virtual Reality: Spotlight on insect food and algae

(2019) Vísindavaka - Researchers night dissemination of the Virus-X project and introduction of the notion of bacteria and viruses to children

Video production on food technology and alternative source of protein:

The Sustainability of Hemp | Food & Other Uses In Iceland

Mycoprotein: Protein Made Out Of Fungi | Sustainable Alternative Proteins

3D Food Printing In Michelin-Starred Restaurant (ft. Hermanos Torres)

Rapeseed Protein | A Sustainable Source Of Plant Protein (360 Video)

The World's First Organic Insect Farm | Look Inside (360 Video)

Customizable Smoothies On-Demand | Futuristic Vending Machines

Dysphagia: 3D Printing Easy-to-Swallow Food