Erlendur Ágúst Stefánsson

Project Manager

Vestmannaeyjar has long been one of the most important fishing grounds in Iceland, as it is a short distance from some of the country's most prosperous fishing grounds. The most important industry there has therefore been and still is the fishing industry and fish processing, as the locations are not suitable for other food industries such as agriculture.

Matís' operations in the Westman Islands mainly consist of working with local fish processing and fishing companies to increase the utilization of marine catch and find ways to increase its value. Work has also been done on the utilization of new products, such as projects related to fishing and processing of mackerel. Matís' employee in the Westman Islands has also worked with food production companies on the development of new products.

Matís' office is located in the Knowledge Center of the Westman Islands. 

Matís in the Westman Islands:

Ægisgata 2
900 Vestmannaeyjar