Seaweed that improves feed for dairy cows - Final report




Ásta Heiðrún Elísabet Pétursdóttir, Eric Newton, Guðfríður Daníelsdóttir, Gunnar Ríkharðsson, Natasa Desnica, Sara Lind Ingvarsdóttir, Sokratis Stergiadis

The project is a continuation of the project "Seaweed that improves feed for dairy cows - increased benefit and quality?" With the main goal of examining whether it would be possible to increase the benefit of dairy cows through seaweed administration and examine the chemical content and quality of milk. Also whether seaweed could be used as a mineral source, for example for organic feed that could lead to new products such as high-fat milk and therefore stimulate innovation in cattle breeding.
In this project, special emphasis was placed on examining individual samples of milk and whether algae administration as part of cow feed had an effect on heavy metals, minerals, eg iodine, in the milk.
The greatest effect was on the iodine concentration of the milk.