New natural antioxidants from the ocean / New natural antioxidants from Icelandic marine sources




Hörður G. Kristinsson, Rósa Jónsdóttir, Brynja Einarsdóttir, Ásta María Einarsdóttir, Bergrós Ingadóttir, Sara Marshall, Una Jónsdóttir, Irek Klonowski

Supported by:

AVS Fisheries Research Fund


Rósa Jónsdóttir

Research Group Leader

There is a great demand for powerful new natural ingredients to increase food stability and there is a large market for such products. The aim of this project was to develop and produce new natural antioxidants from Icelandic seafood as products to increase the stability of different seafood. Methods were developed to produce antioxidant products from Icelandic seaweed and bone marrow, and extensive antioxidant measurements were made on the products, such as ORAC, DPPH, metal binding capacity and reducing power. Preliminary tests were also carried out by adding antioxidant products to various seafood products such as salmon fillets and cod fillets. Monitor the shelf life of marine products, including development measurements and color measurements. The production process of seaweed antioxidant products was scaled up and tested in different seafood products in collaboration with production companies. A market analysis was carried out focusing on algae extracts, fish peptides and proteins. The antioxidant products that were developed all had a high and varied activity in a test tube. However, the activity was found to be different when the antioxidant products were tested in different foods and slightly lower than the activity measured in test tubes. Shelf life tests (sensory evaluation and microbiological measurements) were performed on selected foods and showed positive effects of the antioxidants. Some of the tests that were done are promising, but the utilization of these new antioxidant products on a larger scale depends on an assessment of economic viability.

Currently, there is a great demand for natural antioxidants with high activity to increase product stability, and the market is big for those products. The goal of the project was to develop and produce new natural antioxidants from Icelandic marine based raw materials to be used to increase the storage stability of different food products.

Methods were developed to produce antioxidants from seaweed and seafood by-products. In vitro activity of the antioxidants was tested (ORAC, DPPH, metal chelation and reducing power activity) as well as their activity in selected food products to narrow down which antioxidant products to take to commercial trials. Furthermore, the food products were analyzed for eg development of lipid oxidation and changes in color. Shelf-life studies, including sensory evaluation and microbial analysis, were also conducted in select food trials. The production of selected antioxidant products was scaled up to give enough quantity to do commercial trials with selected antioxidants, conducted in collaboration with different food companies. Finally, an analysis of the market, focusing on seaweed extracts and cod / fish peptides / proteins as food ingredients, was done. Both the antioxidants developed from seaweed and fish by-products had very good in vitro antioxidant activity. However, results from food application trials showed varied results, depending on the antioxidant and food products tested. While some of the trials showed promising results, it remains to be seen if production costs of the new antioxidants can be brought to levels justifying their use in different food products.