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An introduction to current food safety needs

Höfundar: Flynn, K., Villarreal, B.P., Barranco, A., Belc, N., Björnsdóttir, B., Fusco, V., Rainieri, S., Smáradóttir, S.E., Smeu, I., Teixeira, P., Jörundsdóttir, H.J.

Útgáfa: Trends in Food Science & Technology

Útgáfuár: 2018


Food safety is embedded in food-related problems, and in proposed solutions. Despite continuous investment, the WHO estimates 23 million cases of foodborne illness and 5000 deaths in Europe every year and Europeans are not confident in the food system. Now, the circular economy aims to improve global food security through sustainable production, thus new ingredients, methods and food safety challenges. Food is unequivocally linked to non-communicable diseases, and changes are needed for nutritional food safety. Emerging and re-emerging foodborne pathogens are changing the epidemiology of foodborne diseases. Additionally, some chemicals are of concern, and food is a major source of human exposure. Finally, risk communication is required for management of consumer-based foodborne hazards, yet this foodborne illness is common. We ignore food safety challenges at our peril as potential consequences of a lapse are huge; keeping the food supply safe is a never-ending task.

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