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Fish, contaminants and human health: Quantifying and weighing benefits and risks

Höfundar: Hoekstra, J., Hart, A., Owen, H., Zeilmaker, M., Bokkers, B., Thorgilsson, B., Gunnlaugsdóttir, H.

Útgáfa: Food and Chemical Toxicology

Útgáfuár: 2013


This paper describes a quantitative risk–benefit assessment of fish consumption. We compare the net health effect expressed in DALYs of two scenarios. The reference scenario is the current fish intake of the Dutch population, which is less than what is recommended by the health authorities. The alternative scenario describes the health effects if the population consumes 200 g of fish per week, which is close to the recommendation. All health effects due to fish consumption for which there is convincing evidence are incorporated in the assessment. The QALIBRA software (www.qalibra.eu) is used to simulate the two scenarios. The results show there is a net benefit for the population if it consumes 200 g of fish each week.

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