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Properties of edible surimi film as affected by heat treatment of film-forming solution

Höfundar: Weng, WY, Patricia Yuca Hamaguchi, K, Osako, M.Tanaka

Útgáfa: Food Science and Technology Research

Útgáfuár: 2007


The effect of heat treatment of film-forming solutions on the properties of edible surimi films was investigated. The film-forming solutions prepared at pH 3 from frozen Alaska pollack surimi were heated to 45, 70 or 100°C to promote unfolding of surimi protein molecules. As a result, solubility, surface hydrophobicity, and reactive SH group of surimi proteins increased. After 45°C -treatment, the mechanical properties, film solubility, and protein solubility of surimi films were not affected and myosin heavy chain (MHC) of surimi proteins was degraded by endogenous acid proteinases. Conversely, at higher heating temperatures (70°C, 100°C), degradation of MHC was effectively inhibited and mechanical properties were improved, while the film solubility and protein solubility of surimi films decreased. It is revealed that the prevention of MHC degradation by heat treatment could improve mechanical properties of surimi films. The optimum condition was found to be heating the film-forming solutions (pH 3) at 70°C for 20min.

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