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Quality characteristics and consumer acceptance of a high fish protein puffed corn-fish snack

Höfundar: Gholam Reza Shaviklo, Adalheidur Olafsdottir, Kolbrun Sveinsdottir, Gudjon Thorkelsson, Fereidoon Rafipour

Útgáfa: Journal of Food Science and Technology

Útgáfuár: 2011


Corn snack fortified with 7% fish protein powder made from saithe (Pollachius Virens) surimi was selected by expert panel from industry for consumer studies in Iran and Iceland. They hedonically screened products with 3%, 5%, 7% and 9% fish protein powder. Snack containing 9% fish protein powder (FP) had significantly lower liking for odour, texture, flavour, and overall acceptability than the other three prototypes. Snacks fortified with 3%, 5%, and 7% FP had similar sensory attributes. Therefore, snack with the highest level of FP (7%) was selected for acceptance tests. It was seasoned with cheese powder, vegetable oil, salt, and colorant. The amount of protein, moisture, fat, ash and salt in fortified corn snack (FCS) was 12%, 2%, 31%, 3%, and 2% respectively. Consumers’ acceptance was studied using a central location test method. Consumers were 6–16 years old children in two communities (Iceland and Iran). They liked FCS but Iranian children favoured it more than Icelandic children. Majority of parents of the participants expressed their willingness to choose this product when buying snacks.

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