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Supply chain expectations for tool to calculate sustainability of white fish products at a batch level

Höfundar: Donnelly, K.A-M., Olsen, P., Vidarsson, J.R., Ziegler, F.

Útgáfa: Ökonomisk fiskeriforskning

Útgáfuár: 2013


The food production industry has in recent years had to answer calls for environmentally friendly strategies and methods of communicating these effectively.This need is seen clearly in the fisheries sector where the concerns regarding the environment, ethical production and economic sustainability are driving forces for greater knowledge about the sustainability impact of a product or company. How these concerns and needs translate into requirements from the industry is poorly described in the literature. This study investigated these requirements within the framework of a theoretical tool which the stakeholders could use in the future. The results of the research carried out here show that stakeholders, through the fisheries supply chain, wish to use sustainability data for marketing purposes, internal benchmarking and improvement of environmental impact. The main challenge reported is to design a measurement tool that can be used in different conditions whilst still maintaining that integrity.

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