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Temperature mapping of fresh fish supply chains – air and sea transport

Höfundar: Mai, N. T. T., Margeirsson, B., Margeirsson, S., Bogason, S. G., Sigurgísladóttir, S., Arason, S.

Útgáfa: Journal of Food Process Engineering

Útgáfuár: 2012


Temperature history from three air and three sea freights of fresh cod loins and haddock fillets in expanded polystyrene boxes from Iceland to the U.K. and France were analyzed to find out the effect of different factors on the temperature profile and predicted remaining shelf life (RSL) of the product. It was also aimed to pinpoint hazardous steps in the supply chains. Significant difference (P < 0.001) was found in: the temperature at different locations inside a certain box; mean product temperature between boxes of a certain shipment; and the boxes’ surface temperature at different positions on a pallet for the whole logistics period. The predicted RSL depends on the time and temperature history of the product, shortest for sea transportation and longest for an air shipment with precooled product. Several critical steps were found in air freighting: the flight itself, loading/unloading operations and holding storage at unchilled conditions.

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