Future fish: New and innovative ready to use seafood products

Heiti verkefnis: Future fish

Samstarfsaðilar: University of Iceland, The Icelandic culinary team, Þorbjörn, MPF, Ísfiskur, Natural Machines

Rannsóknasjóður: Tækniþróunarsjoður, AVS

Upphafsár: 2017


Þóra Valsdóttir



The aim of the project was to develop new innovative Icelandic seafood products using a revolutionary technology, 3D food printing.

The outcome of the project included development of a) formulations and processes for 3D printing food products from seafood raw materials and ingredients, b) ready to use 3D food printing formulas that can be prefilled into 3D food printing cartridges and containing seafood raw materials and ingredients, c) innovative seafood creations and products produced from the formulations and processes. d) workshops and coures on 3D seafood printing.

The project has demonstrated a way to create significant added value, converting low value byproducts into high value products through innovative processing methods. The findings from this project can be applied in HORECA environments, can be used if applied on an industrial level for mass scale production of ready to print formulas, and has brought about significant educational opportunities for seafood products and the seafood industry in the future.