Heiti verkefnis: SUSTAINFEED

Samstarfsaðilar: CSIC, University of Bologna, VAXA, Roquette

Rannsóknasjóður: EIT FOOD

Upphafsár: 2021




Birgir Örn Smárason


SUSTAINFEED – Development of highly sustainable less/zero competing-food aquafeeds for European aquaculture using low carbon and zero waste ingredients

This project aims to develop a novel set of highly sustainable feed ingredients for fish farming in European Aquaculture. Reducing aquafeeds dependence on marine fish meal and oil has been a goal in European projects for 20 years. Currently, relevant proportion of these ingredients is replaced by plant based sources. However, the increasing feed demand and the competition of plant crops for other traditional and new uses keep the search for sustainable sources. Envisioned solutions deal with agricultural by-products and new products produced in high efficient system with independence on seasonal quality fluctuations.

The project will A) validate a high quality blend of microalgae produced with low energy cost as feed and enrichment product for live prey production in fish larval stage. Microalgae will be produced by using highly concentrated CO2 waste streams from geothermal power plants, B) develop, test and validate less/zero competing feeds for on-growing fish by using a balanced mixture of vegetable by-products to reduce ingredients that could be eaten directly by humans. The innovative feed ingredients will be characterized by a low carbon footprint

The project webpage: SUSTAINFEED