The Nordic Salmon Workshop


Aðrir þjónustuflokkar


Gunnar Þórðarson


A workshop on salmon farming will be held on October 27 at Ölvus Cluster, Hafnarberg 1, 815 Þorlákshöfn.

The meeting starts at 08:30 and ends at 17:00 the same day.

The workshop subjects:

  1. Salmon feed: new sources and optimal composition for different environments
  2. New development in sea- and salmon louse
  3. Production of large smolts in hatcheries
  1. Salmon feed will be a very dynamic area of research and development in the future. With feed requirements of salmon growing in extreme environmental conditions, such as low temperature, are not fully understood. Furthermore, technical solution to minimize movements of fish in sea cage during the coldest periods in winter could improve conditions of fish during the coldest months
  2. Several options already exist for chemically treating salmon lice in sea cages. However, there are two main problems associated with treating lice in such a way. Firstly, there are negative environmental impacts and secondly, lice can and have developed resistance to many of the available chemicals currently being used
  3. There has been a growing interest in land-based salmon farming under more controlled environment. Large smolt farming is a land-based farming, with longer growing time ashore and shorter in ONP, reducing risk in farming with higher cost. Reducing lead time in sea also enables producers to reduce the spread in biomass throughout the year. This may be one of the most sustainable ways of maximizing utilization of licenses.

The meeting is open for anybody interested in salmon farming. Included are refreshment at the meeting and reception at Lax-inn in Reykjavík after the meeting. The cost is ISL 3.000.

The meeting will be in English, and registrations will be open on the home page soon.

The board

  • Gunnar Thordarson, Matís, Isafjordur, Iceland
  • Björgolfur Hávardsson, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster AS Norway
  • Gunnvør á Norði and Jóhanna Lava Kötlum, Fiskaaling, Faroe Islands
  • Kurt Buchmann, Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Denmark
  • Niels Henrik Henriksen, The Danish Aquaculture Organisation, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Mari Virtanen, Finnish Fish Farmers’ Association, Helsinki, Finland.

Instituions participating

  • Matís ohf. – Gunnar Thordarson (Iceland)
  • Björgolfur Hávardsson, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster AS Norway
  • Fiskaaling – Gunnvør á Norði and Jóhanna Lava Kötlum – (Faroe Islands)
  • University of Copenhagen, Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Frederiksberg – Kurt Buchmann (Denmark)
  • The Danish Aquaculture Organisation, Aarhus – Henrik Henriksen (Denmark)
  • Finnish Fish Farmers’ Association, Helsinki – Mari Virtanen (Finland
  • Ölfus Cluster – Páll Marvin Jónsson