Nordic Salmon – Summary Challenges and solutions in salmon farming within the Nordic region




Gunnar Þórðarson, Gunnvør á Norði

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Nordic co-operation

The project was supported by AG-Fisk and managed by six people with knowledge on the subjects or relation to the industry. The group came from Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Denmark and Finland.

The workshop aimed to gather experts in specific fields of salmon farming in the Nordic countries. Areas of uppermost importance for the Nordic salmon aquaculture were identified as; salmon- and sea louse challenges, optimal feed composition sources, and production of large smolts.

Four specialists in sea- and salmon louse and preventive measures against these parasites came from three countries, Iceland, Faroes Islands and Norway. Four experts in new sources and optimal compositions of feed for different environments came from three countries, Iceland, Norway, and Finland.  And tree experts in smolt hatcheries (RAS) discussed large smolts production from two countries, Iceland, and Denmark. 

There were 60 people at the meeting held in Olfus Cluster in Thorlakshofn, a fisheries community in Sothern Iceland. Olvus Cluster is a collaborative project by entrepreneurs planning large production of land-based salmon farming. 

The guests of the meeting had it in common of working in the aquaculture business, serving the industry or being a public body. 

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