Use of saithe in ready-made fish products / Using saithe in ready to eat fish product




Þóra Valsdóttir, Guðjón Þorkelsson, Irek Klonowski

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AVS Fund / R 09075‐09


Þóra Valsdóttir

Project Manager

Use of saithe in ready-made fish products / Using saithe in ready to eat fish product

Almost all saithe caught off Iceland is exported little processed, especially to Europe and the United States. There, it is largely processed into consumer products, which results in a considerable increase in value. It is important to explore ways to increase the value of exported saithe. By processing the saithe in full or for the most part in consumer products in Iceland, a higher proportion of the increase in value is passed on to domestic parties. In this summary, emphasis is placed on market conditions and the main production methods of breaded fish products, which have long been one of the most common further processing of Icelandic saithe abroad. Today there are market opportunities for products that are at a favorable price, of good quality, convenient and fast. Breaded saithe products fit well with these consumer demands. When a positive image of Icelandic food is added from an environmental point of view, it can be estimated that there are good opportunities for marketing Icelandic consumer products abroad. However, it is important to keep in mind to choose and know the market you are aiming for. Breaded fish is considered a relatively traditional food, but the variability within the product is considerable and much depends on the tastes of consumers in each country.

Most of the saithe caught in Icelandic waters is exported as raw material, mostly to Europe and the USA, where it is further processed to consumer products of higher value. In this summation emphasis is put on the market situation and processing methods of breaded fish products, which are probably the most common end ‐ product of Icelandic saithe abroad. Today is an opportunity for marketing of products which are economical, of high quality, convenient and quick to serve. Breaded fish products fulfill those requirements by ensuring raw material quality, processing and handling conditions. Great variety is within this product category which is now categorized as conventional food. Local preferences can vary greatly. Thorough selection and knowledge of markets is essential. There is a great potential for further processing of saithe into consumer products for export within Iceland due to proximity to the raw material and local knowledge of handling, ensuring the quality of the product. By further processing of the raw material higher proportion of the value of the final product will fall to the local producers, increasing the export value of saithe caught in Icelandic waters.     

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