Ritrýndar greinar

Temporal and intra-thallus variation in arsenic species in the brown macroalga Laminaria digitata


Ásta Heiðrún E. Pétursdóttir



Höfundar: Sim Rebecca, Feldmann Joerg, Stengel Dagmar B., Pétursdóttir Ásta H.

Útgáfa: Environmental Chemistry

Útgáfuár: 2023


Results: In general, lower levels of total As were detected in the samples collected in May (39.2–74.5 mg kg−1) compared to those collected in February (72.6–151 mg kg−1). The concentration of arsenate was found to consistently increase along the thallus from the holdfast/stipe (0.78–1.82 mg kg−1) to the decaying fronds (44.4–61.0 mg kg−1) in both months, and AsSug-SO3 was the dominant AsSugar in the majority of samples. The extraction efficiency was lower in fresh samples (64–77%) than in freeze-dried (95–116%) from the same month. Water-soluble, polar AsLipids, and residual As concentrations, were generally highest in February, and the non-polar AsLipids accounted for <0.42% of totAs in all samples.