Heiti verkefnis: CITIES 2030

Rannsóknasjóður: European Union Horizon 2020 programme

Upphafsár: 2020


Aðrir þjónustuflokkar


René Groben


Cities2030 is a cross-sector and multi actor effort to assist cities and regions implement sustainable cities and regions food systems (CRFS) and achieve five specific objectives:

  • Secure healthy and sustainable food value chains
  • Stop food poverty and insecurity
  • Protect and preserve natural resources
  • Enhance circularity and local food systems
  • Develop food skills, culture, and heritage

The project aims to achieve the objectives by focusing on ten thematic areas: food production, processing, distribution, markets, consumption, waste, food security, social inclusion & equality, ecosystem services and livelihood & growth.

The main goal of Cities2030 is to create a future-proof sustainable CRFS via a connected structure centred in citizens, built on trust, with partners encompassing the entire CRFS value chain. Cities2030 consortium commits to working towards the transformation and restructuring of the way systems produce, transport and supply, recycle and reuse food in the 21st century. Its vision is to connect short food supply chains, consumers, strategic and industry partners, the civil society, promising start-ups and enterprises, innovators and visionary thinkers, leading universities and researchers across the vast diversity of disciplines addressing CRFS, including food science, social science, and big data.

Matís contributes to CITIES 2030 mission with research on urban-regional food systems, e.g., food system vulnerability assessment, CRFS policy scan, stakeholder identification and the analysis of how innovation can enhance the food systems and estimating what role can be played by aquaculture in the sustainability transition of city-regional food systems.