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Saltfish past and present

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Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir, project manager at Matís, is a guest on Matvælin, Matís' podcast show. The show covers a wide range of topics when it comes to saltfish, its history and culture.

Kolbrún tells us about the projects that Matís has worked on in relation to the saltfish and what got her interested in that work. The common misconception that salted fish should be very salty is discussed and it is predicted why fully salted fish products are one of the most valuable export products for us Icelanders, but salted fish is not popular here at home.

Should salted fish be to Icelanders what Parma ham is to Italians, and what needs to happen to make salted fish more popular among the people of Iceland?

Don't miss this episode. Listen to the full episode here:

Moderator: Hildur Ýr Thráinsdóttir

The partners of the project are: Íslandstofa, Icelandic saltfish producers, Club of chefs, Møreforsking AS.

The project is funded by: AG-Fisk (Arbejdsgruppen for Fiskerisamarbejdet) organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers, AVS Research Fund.