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Research & Innovation
Value Creation
Matís focuses on increasing value creation related to food production and biotechnology.
Matís' projects include complete processing and utilization of by-products, improved processing processes, product development, improvements in packaging and transport processes, development of new proteins for feed production, development of new enzymes and more.
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Research & Innovation
Food Safety
Matís plays an important role in ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of food.
Matís runs a reference laboratory and food safety and priority services.
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Research & Innovation
Public Health
Matís contributes to improving public health in Iceland through research and product development. It is important to know the properties of Icelandic products and solid data are a prerequisite for discussions on how we improve life and health.
The Icelandic database on the chemical content of food (ÍSGEM) The database contains information on the chemical content of food on the Icelandic market.
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Older News

Value Creation in the Icelandic Fisheries Sector

Significant progress has been made in improving the management of marine catches over the last 20-30 years. Fisheries companies, high-tech companies, the government, universities, Matís and others have made great efforts to increase the knowledge of all those involved in the industry regarding the handling of this delicate raw material. Bleeding, gutting, washing, hygiene and cooling are all important factors that have to do with the quality of the raw material. It was once said that one does not make good products from poor raw materials; then rightly so for our fish.

Further information

Matís offers high-quality web courses related to food production.