Education, participation and empowerment of the next generation of food consumers (WeValueFood)

Project title: WeValueFood

Partners: University of Warsaw, University of Helsinki, University of Cambridge, University of Reading, Universita Degli Studi Di Torino, Queen's University Belfast, Rikolto, Institute Imdea Food, EUFIC

Research Fund: EIT Food

Initial year: 2019


Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir

Project Manager

Matís participates in strengthening the interest and knowledge of young consumers about food through the WeValueFood project.

WeValueFood is a two-year project funded by the pan-European umbrella organization EIT Food, on entrepreneurship and innovation in the food industry.

The main goal of WeValueFood is to promote the health of consumers and support the European food industry, by improving the knowledge and interest of future generations in food and food production. 

Matis is working with the University of Iceland and 13 other universities and institutions in Europe on the WeValueFood project, which is intended to promote better health for consumers and support the food industry in Europe. This will be done by improving the knowledge and interest of future generations in food and food production. Recent methods, such as promotion through games, cooking interest groups, experiments with new cooking methods, twinning and "science meet food" are used to promote the interest and knowledge of young consumers, from primary school to university, about food. Thus, the intention is to develop a "food product" among young individuals who share values about food.

The project involves various food companies and stakeholders, and the food industry works with young consumers to define food values. Emphasis is placed on increasing interest and knowledge in food in order to encourage future generations to make sensible and informed decisions in their food choices.

WeValueFood is part of and funded by a large European food knowledge and innovation community that aims to transform the environment of food production, processing and consumption by connecting consumers with companies, entrepreneurs, scientists and students across Europe. EIT Food supports new, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to improve consumer health and to ensure access to safe, high-quality food that has the least impact on the environment.