Matís all over the country

From the beginning, Matís has been based on a network of offices throughout the country. There are now five offices, including the company's headquarters in Reykjavík, and their employees are connected to all areas of the company.

The emphases of the establishments are diverse, reflecting Matís' broad field of work and professional knowledge within the company. In the same way, the establishments also take into account the local community in each place and the needs there. Matís' offices are in Ísafjörður and the Westman Islands in two of the country's larger fisheries locations. The measurement service in Neskaupstaður is important for both production companies and official regulators in the health sector in East Iceland, and Matís in Akureyri has built up extensive research knowledge in aquaculture.

With work around the country, Matís underlines the company's willingness to work with parties at home in the provinces on a variety of projects that can strengthen the economy, increase innovation and increase employment. Matís' policy is that in the coming years, the company will further strengthen this emphasis throughout the country.

Matís Locations

Matís Locations