Birgir Örn Smárason

Research Group Leader


In Akureyri, Matís conducts research, development and innovation and offers extensive services to parties in the region.

The office in Akureyri is an active collaboration platform between Matís, the University of Akureyri and companies in the region, both in food production, development of technical solutions, information technology, aquaculture and environmental and sustainability issues.

The work center is based on local priorities, especially flounder and meat processing, but a large part of the country's flounder catch is processed in northern fish processing plants, which are now considered to be the most advanced processing houses in the world in terms of automation. The area has meat processing plants that are among the largest in the country, and agriculture is strong.

The research community in Borgur has facilities for biotechnological research and innovation in the field of fisheries studies, where Matís teaches and researches in collaboration with the University of Akureyri.

Matís in Akureyri

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