Sæmundur Elíasson

Project Manager


In Akureyri, Matís conducts research, development and innovation in collaboration with the University of Akureyri and other institutions and companies in the North, as well as elsewhere in the country. 

Matís' operations are housed in the Research House at Borgir, where research facilities in the field of molecular science have been built up, but research is also carried out there in the fields of microbiology, chemical research, enzyme research, immunophysiology and food imaging.

During the development of Matís in Akureyri, emphasis has been placed on the involvement of students in research-related master's programs in extensive collaboration with domestic as well as foreign universities, research institutes and companies. In addition to most of the projects carried out at Matís in Akureyri, students in research-related postgraduate studies take a BSc degree in biotechnology or fisheries sciences.

Matís in Akureyri

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