Matís Staff

Birgir Örn Smárason

Research Group Leader

Research group: Sustainability and aquaculture

Phone: +354 4225193


Focus Areas:

Aquaculture, Sustainability, Environmental Impact

Peer-reviewed Articles:
  • Smarason, BO, Ogmundarson, O., Arnason, J., Bjornsdottir, R., Davidsdottir, B .. Life Cycle Assessment of Icelandic Arctic Char Fed Three Different Feed Types - (2016). Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 17, 79-90.

  • Smárason BO, Ogmundarson O., Arnason J., Björnsdóttir R., Davidsdottir B .. Life cycle assessment of Icelandic arctic char fed three different types - (2017). Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 17(1), 79-90.

  • Smárason, B.Ö., Alriksson, B., Jóhannsson, R .. Safe and sustainable protein sources from the forestindustry - The case of fish feed - (2019). Trends in Food Science & Technology, 84(Feb), 12-14.

  • Reports / Books

    Nordic alternative protein potentials: mapping of regional bioeconomy opportunities (2016) JE Lindberg, G Lindberg, J Teräs, G Poulsen, SØ Solberg, K Tybirk,… Nordic Council of Ministers

    Future Opportunities for Bioeconomy: Focus on the West Nordic Region (2015) SE Smáradóttir, L Magnúsdóttir, BÖ Smárason, G Þórðarson,… Nordic Council of Ministers