Strong research and service infrastructure is the key to robust research, guided by integrity. In this way, it is possible to make statements about the purity of the Icelandic environment and food, a foundation that is necessary for Iceland to remain a leader in the production of high-quality food.

Matís' equipment infrastructure is one of the most powerful in Iceland in the field of food and environmental research, and Matís can perform measurements and analyzes in the fields of chemistry, microbiology, genetics and sensory evaluation. In recent years, Matís has worked diligently to develop research and service infrastructure, both in the form of powerful research equipment, facilities and equipment, but also in the form of specialization and skills of staff. Great demands are made on Matís' staff and a lot of work is put into development and retraining to follow the development of knowledge and research that is carried out in Iceland and abroad. Matís' staff is also a leader in the development and implementation of measurements, quality issues, quality control and research in the field of food and the environment, and is sought after in providing advice and assistance to public bodies, industry and the private sector.

Matís serves official regulatory bodies (Matvælastofnun and the municipal health inspectorate) regarding measurements of samples from official inspections carried out to ensure that food produced and marketed in Iceland and abroad is wholesome and safe for consumption. Adequate food security guarantees the consumer the freedom to shop safely for foods that do not pose a threat to his health. The infrastructure and professional knowledge of Matís' staff have meant that the company has been designated as a reference laboratory in 14 different fields. The Reference Laboratory is an important step in providing public bodies with services, advice and information on the latest methods, changes in regulations, reference values and the implementation of measurements.

In order for a strong industry to flourish in the country, it is necessary for companies to receive fast and good service with inquiries, advice and measurements of production. This applies to domestic producers, exporters as well as importers. Product quality assertions must be based on scientific metrics to build consumer confidence, but food security is a prerequisite for innovation and food trade in the world today. Matís strives for good co-operation and service with the industry to strengthen competitiveness and ensure the quality and wholesomeness of Icelandic food production. 

Key tools

  • Liquid chromatograph tandem mass spectrometer (LC-MS / MS)
  • Gas mass analyzer connected to serial mass analyzer (gas chromatograph tandem mass spectrometer, GC-MS / MS)
  • GC with different detectors such as FID, ECD
  • Fluid detection with different sensors (HPLC, UPLC with different detectors such as DAD, fluorescence etc.
  • Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, ICP-MS
  • Biotypes MaldiTOF
  • Ion chromatograph (IC)
  • NMR (60 Hz)
  • Genotypes (Biomark Genotypes)
  • Sequencer
  • MiSeq Sequencer (NGS Sequencer)
  • Tangential flow filtration system
  • Protein quantifiers
  • PCR
  • RT PCR
  • Flow cytometer
  • Cultivation cabinets
  • Photometers
  • Fermentorar
  • Freezer simulators and lyophilizers
  • Extruder
  • Farming facilities
  • Cell cultures