Research Groups

Matís' field of study is divided into five research groups, where experts form the knowledge base and the core activities needed to solve the various research and innovation projects that are carried out at any given time: Biomaterials, Biotechnology, Genetics, Microorganisms and Value Chains. The field also includes two groups of experts in measurements, on the one hand on microorganisms and on the other on substances, but within these groups special attention is paid to analyzes of the safety, health and nutritional value of food and related products. Both measurement groups support the solution of research projects as well as serving the business community with measurements, advice and information.

There is often a need for a diverse knowledge base for solving the diverse Matís projects, and therefore experts within different professional groups are happy to work together to shape the projects and carry out the necessary research, measurement and innovation work; all for the benefit of the economy that Matís serves.    

Field - Head of Department: Guðmundur Stefánsson

Professional directors

Matís' operations are divided into two focus areas

Our research - everyone benefits

Matís is not only a strong research and knowledge company on an Icelandic scale, but Matís also fully compares with comparable foreign companies and institutions. The search is on for an international company with as extensive and extensive research and innovation knowledge of seafood as Matís' staff. It can therefore be said that Matís is one of the leading companies in the world in its field.

Matís staff has many years of experience in research on food and organic matter, so knowledge and experience in this field is the company's main strength.

From the beginning, Matís' international research and development work and participation in foreign projects has steadily increased and has now become a large part of its operations. Matís' staff has at the same time education and extensive experience that is useful in project relationships on almost every continent. This move abroad is necessary to maintain Matís' strong work and further connect its operations with strong research and development groups abroad. International co-operation is the key to further development of research for the benefit of Icelandic society.

Matís is a knowledge and science company for the benefit of the economy that promotes increased value from the country's living resources, strengthening food production and the competitiveness of Icelandic companies and products, as well as sustainability and environmental protection.

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