Sustainability and aquaculture


Birgir Örn Smárason

Group Leader

This research group focuses on increasing value creation related to food production to support Icelandic products and industry.

The group's focus is on researching how we can increase food supply and increase food production without depleting resources in an unsustainable way, how we can use by-products for value creation within the life cycle economy, research on the environmental impact of food and various fisheries services.

The research group is involved in innovation and research projects as well as consulting and customer service regarding sustainable food production. Many projects involve the analysis of the environmental impact and / or carbon footprint of a product, product or service using methodologies such as life cycle analysis (LCA). The group has been involved in the development of standards within the International Standards Council (ISO) on how to analyze the carbon footprint of marine products. Emphasis is also placed on the utilization of resources within the circular economy, adaptation and minimization of climate change, as well as the ecosystem approach.

The research group also has good facilities and a strong team of experts in the field of aquaculture research, especially with regard to feed research. This part of Matís' operations has been on the rise in recent years in parallel with growing aquaculture, which plays an important role in ensuring the world's food security, as well as value creation and rural development in Iceland.
Matís is a sought-after partner when it comes to such research and innovation in connection with aquaculture feed, as the company has the infrastructure necessary for research and development in that field. These include three aquaculture systems with a cycle (RAS) for different species (eg salmon, char, rainbow trout, grazing fish and white shrimp), microbial, chemical and biotechnology laboratories where most of the relevant matters concerning aquaculture feed and biological factors