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Chemical Analysis

Important emphases in the chemical measurements are the combination of raw materials and products in food processing and feed preparation and the changes in their quality and safety that occur during processing and storage, such as nutritional value, shelf life and stability.

Microbiological Analysis

Matís conducts microbiological research on food, drinking water, medicines, feed and environmental samples, providing specialized, high-quality and fast service and advice to public bodies, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, slaughterhouses and the private sector.

Genetic analysis

The projects include genetic analysis of useful and wild strains and data processing, as well as sequencing of the genetic material of organisms and the search for new genetic boundaries and the development of genetic kits.

Sensory Evaluation

Sensory evaluation is a systematic evaluation of the smell, taste, appearance and texture of food. In sensory evaluation, the human senses, i.e. visual, olfactory, taste, hearing and touch senses used to assess food quality.

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Reference Laboratory

Reference laboratories in Iceland operate in collaboration with other reference laboratories in the European Economic Area. The statutory role and main responsibilities of the reference laboratory are diverse and include the coordination of the activities of nominated public research in each country.

Matís Laboratory offers microbiological and chemical research on food, water, raw materials, medicines, feed and environmental samples. To ensure safety and health, measurements are needed that show that all production processes are in a good and safe direction. Matís' service measurements take place in Reykjavík and Neskaupstaður.

In addition to measurements, Matís provides advice to public bodies, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, slaughterhouses and private parties in connection with measurements.
Matís mediates in sending samples for measurements to foreign laboratories in cases where Matís does not offer them.

Matís is accredited for the vast majority of the methods used. Accreditation is an official quality certification that indicates whether the requirements of the ISO 17025 standard are complied with.

Matís laboratory staff strives to provide services of satisfactory quality and in accordance with customer needs so that there is no doubt that research results are reliable, correct and impartial and that they benefit customers.

The opening hours of service measurements are from 8:30 to 16:00.

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