M.Sc. in Food Science


Guðjón Þorkelsson

Strategic Scientist


M.Sc. in Food Science

The M.Sc. program is a collaboration of the University of Iceland and Matís and with the involvement of companies in the food and biotechnology industries.

The program offers three lines of study and upon completion the students have emphasized on production, quality and biotechnology:

  • Production Line: focus on processing, product development and value increase
  • Quality Management Line: emphasis on microbiological tests and examinations and the introduction and implementation of quality control
  • Biotechnology line: focus on biological processing, research and innovation

Program description

The program is a collaboration between the Food- and nutrition unit at the University of Iceland and Matís. Students have the opportunity to connect with companies with practical projects, visits to companies as well as guest lectures from industry, all of which are part of the program. Professors at the Food- and nutrition department have a successful cooperation with prestigious universities in Europe and the United States. Foreign guest lecturers are also an important part of the program. Therefore, students will gain national and international experience in the program, an experience and connection of great importance upon completion of the program.

The M.Sc. in Food Science is a practical education that suits those who have completed undergraduate studies in food science or other disciplines, such as chemistry, biology or engineering, and are interested in playing a leading role in the food and biotechnology industry.

Many opportunities lie in the field of food science and biotechnology and infrastructure in these areas important basis for increased and improved export earnings in any economy. Practical studies in food science give students an exciting opportunity to take on a leading role in the development of these disciplines. Public interest in good, safe and nutritious food is also growing, as global food production faces grand challenges never faced before. Scarce food sources, changes in climate with the migration of species, and ever increased are just a few of the challenges we face. This is why it is extremely important that we utilize our resources in a sustainable way. There, food scientist, play a major role.