Advice on improvements in food production

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Whether we are focusing on agriculture, fisheries, biotechnology for food production or aquaculture, it is important to consider environmental, animal welfare, public health and food safety when producing food. 

Processing processes

Good processing processes contribute to increased value creation by increasing the quality of raw materials and the stability of products during storage and transport, and increasing the safety and efficiency of production.

Ensure quality, efficiency and improved utilization

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Quality issues

Matís offers a variety of services related to quality issues, from genetic, microbial and chemical analysis, to the installation of quality manuals and advice on internal control.

Produce safe, high-quality products

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The biochemistry workshop

It is called a food factory when a facility for various food processing has been prepared and which has received a permit from the competent authorities for the operation.

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Biotechnology is, among other things, working on research into biochemicals, bioactive substances and enzymes based on the goal of producing marketable products. Icelandic nature is the key to all of Matís' research work in biotechnology.

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Product development and consumer research

Matís assists companies and entrepreneurs in all stages of product development, from the concept stage to production processes and consumer research.

Create your product advantage

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Environmental issues

Following the raising of environmental awareness, most companies are beginning to consider reforms in their production processes and product development.

New challenges and social responsibility

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Sensory Evaluation

Sensory evaluation is a systematic evaluation of the smell, taste, appearance and texture of food. In sensory evaluation, the human senses, i.e. visual, olfactory, taste, hearing and touch senses used to assess food quality.

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