Biotechnology is, among other things, working on research into biochemicals, bioactive substances and enzymes based on the goal of producing marketable products. Icelandic nature is the key to all of Matís' research work in biotechnology.

Emphasis is placed on finding microorganisms in thermal areas and in the ocean for the production of active and powerful enzymes that can be used in the food and chemical industry. These are enzymes that have an activity that is not known elsewhere and are in demand by manufacturers around the world. 

Substances that have biological activity are widely found in nature. They are screened for their effectiveness, both positive and negative. The positive effect is sought after for the production of health products and for the prevention of various ailments and diseases. These include lowering blood pressure, resistance to cancer, prevention of cardiovascular disease and more. Matís' research on bioactive substances focuses in particular on the ocean around the country and what it produces.

Bioactive substances can be found in algae, by-products from fish and elsewhere, but Matís' technical knowledge is also used to process bioactive substances from organisms such as sea urchins and sharks, for example. When bioactive substances are found, their composition is studied, experiments are performed on the activity of animals and finally ways are found to isolate the substances and bring them into marketable form.