Food production

Food production in Iceland has changed dramatically since the country was settled. Especially the change has been great since the middle of the century and then again since the beginning of the eighties. 

Despite major changes in food production in Iceland since the country was established, Icelanders' food production has always been of great importance to the nation, and at least the importance of production has diminished in recent years, with an increased flow of tourists to the country. 

Whether we are focusing on agriculture, fisheries, biotechnology for food production or aquaculture, it is important to consider environmental, animal welfare, public health and food safety when producing food.


The fishing industry, like other industries, relies on research and product development, and increased value creation in the industry is based on ingenuity.

Are research and science the currency of the future?

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The biochemistry workshop

Here, individuals, entrepreneurs and companies can come and further develop their ideas for new products that have special bioactive properties.

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The ever-growing population poses major challenges that have been brought to the attention of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Can farmed fish saturate the world?

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The food factory

It is called a food factory when a facility for various food processing has been prepared and which has received a permit from the competent authorities for the operation.

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