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Óli Þór Hilmarsson

Project Manager

It is called a food factory when facilities for various food processing have been set up. The facilities can vary from one workshop to another, but what they all have in common is that there is a wide range of food processing equipment and tools and other facilities that the processing requires. Users receive training on the equipment and free access to the production of the products that are possible with regard to facilities and equipment and issued licenses by the health authorities.

Matís' food workshop regularly holds courses on the production and processing of various products as well as courses on internal control. The public sector is required to provide a permit before the start of the sale or distribution of foodstuffs.

Experimental kitchen | Food workshop

In Matís 'experimental kitchen, which is part of Matís' Matarsmiðja, you can find the various utensils that are necessary for the activities that take place there.


  • Blower / steam / fryer
  • Hobart mixer 20L
  • Kitchen Aid home mixer
  • Kitchen Aid Pastavél
  • Two stove tops
  • Frying pan
  • Small mixer
  • Juicer/juicer
  • Large blender
  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Dishwasher

Food processing in Matarsmiðja

In Matís' food processing, which is part of Matarsmiðjan, the areas are divided into a reception hall, processing room, equipment room, dry space, heating space, packaging space and experimental kitchen, as well as the storage, refrigerators and freezers that belong to these spaces. When working in these spaces, appropriate work clothing must be worn and the handling and hygiene procedures required by conditions must be followed. Disposable fasteners, shoe covers and hair nets are stored in a coat hanger by the toilet at the entrance to the processing space.


  • The reception hall has scales, a band saw and a portable work table, the processing space can be cooled. There are also two reception coolers.
  • In the processing room there is an ice machine, 240L boiling pot, 20L mobile machine, 5L mixer, scales and work table, the processing space can be cooled. There are also cutting knives and loose cutting boards.
  • Inside the processing hall is a cleaning warehouse with all the consumables needed for cleaning in food processing. There are also stock of disposable gloves as well as garbage bags of various sizes.
  • Inside the processing hall is a drying room for the processing of dry and volatile substances. There is a shaker with different hole sizes.
  • The equipment room has a freezer / freezer, three refrigerator simulators and a freeze-dryer. There is also a refrigerator that can be used for smaller samples.
  • Freezing, rapid cooling: In the equipment room there is a fast cooler / freezer where you can quickly cool hot food / samples or freeze food / samples that are to be stored in a cold store or in a refrigerator.
  • Inside the equipment room there is a heating space where there is a fan / steam / frying oven, but it is also possible to install loose hobs. Inside the equipment room is a packing room, where there are two packing machines for vacuuming, a welding shut-off valve for plastic bags, not a vacuum. There is also a fridge and freezer that can be used for smaller samples. There is a packaging warehouse inside the packing space.
  • Inside the packing compartment, there is a cooler and two freezers -18 ° C and -24 ° C.

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