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Smári's Volcano Sauce

Matís operates a so-called food workshop. The food factory is in fact a kitchen and processing facility with a variety of equipment, appliances and utensils available so that it is possible to carry out a variety of food processing in the facility. Processing may take place provided that it has obtained the required operating license or certification.

One of the entrepreneurs who has worked on his projects in Matarsmiðjan is Eggert Smári Sigurðsson with Smári's Volcano Sauce

Eggert Smári is behind the brand Smári's Volcano Sauce which produces strong sauces to accompany various foods. He himself likes strong sauces, but he got a taste of them in the southern United States when he lived there for a while. There, it is popular to eat chicken wings with a so-called Hot-Sauce or a strong sauce in some form. When he returned to Iceland, he thought the selection of such sauces was small and not varied enough, so he started making them himself.

For a few years, Smári continued to experiment with making sauces and mainly produced for consumption for himself, family and friends. He developed the recipes himself according to "taste-memory" as he calls it. He remembered various types of sauces he tasted when he was abroad and tried to evoke the right taste in his recipes. 

The raw material used in the sauces is specially ordered from abroad, but each sauce is made from scratch from fresh ingredients. The sauces include jalapeno pepper, green chilli pepper, habanero pepper and Carolina Reaper, which is the second strongest pepper found in the world.

Earlier this year, 2020, Smári started selling his products to the public and they are products Smári's Volcano Sauce now available on the project website and at the resurrection club The Secret Cellar in Reykjavik. In a traditional season when the place is open, you can also get chicken wings with the sauces. The product selection is constantly evolving, but now it is possible to get three different sauces that bear the volcanic names Askja, Hekla and Katla. Recently, two types were added and they are an authentic tropical ranch sauce called Drangjökull on the one hand and the blue cheese sauce Mýrdalsjökull on the other. It is common for these types of sauce to be served with chicken wings that have been bathed in a strong sauce and are therefore a good addition to the product selection.

Further information on product items can be found at website Smári's Volcano Sauce.