Information for new food producers

Information for new food producers

Instructions for starting production, distribution and sales. Matís guides you over the first steps. Careful preparation saves you work and effort and increases the likelihood of success.

The first steps

Matís provides detailed advice and services to entrepreneurs and companies in food production.

We help you get started with your product.

Product development

Individuals, entrepreneurs and companies can develop ideas for new products in collaboration with Matís.

How to ensure food safety?

Food manufacturers are responsible for the safety of the products they produce.

Food safety - The key to successful food production.

How to label packaging?

A regulation on the dissemination of information on food to consumers provides for the items that must be marked on food packaging.

The nutrition label (formerly the nutrition label) is one of the things that is important to prepare properly.


Matís places great emphasis on disseminating its knowledge to the food industry in Iceland. 

We offer high-quality and practical courses for companies and individuals. 


Knowledge is the basis for producing as much value as possible from food resources and there is little more important than doing things right from the start. Matís has published a number of manuals as part of its efforts to increase access to handy information.