Packaging labels

Packaging labels

The regulation on the dissemination of food information to consumers can be viewed here.

A list of statutory information is in Article 9 (not in the implementation section at the front). Very detailed instructions will follow.

MATÍS can provide advice on labeling on food packaging. It is important that the presentation of correct information is well done, as it is expensive to print on packaging. The manufacturer is always responsible for the information he disseminates on food packaging and in other promotions.

The Nutrition Statement has a standard presentation where these factors are presented in the correct order: Energy (kJ and kcal), fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugars, protein, salt. This is a minimum label, but it is possible to label more materials if certain conditions are met.

A nutrition statement can be put together in different ways:

  • You can send samples for chemical measurement at Matís. Samples must be typical of the final product. Saturated fats are most often found by formula-based calculations.
  • You can get a Matís specialist to calculate from the recipe the elements that are necessary for a nutrition statement. The recipe is treated as confidential and it is destroyed after use.
  • You can use values from ÍSGEM database MATÍS if the values in the database correspond exactly to the foodstuffs that need to be labeled. The food manufacturer is always responsible for the labeling, regardless of the method used to present the nutrition declaration.

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