Stefán Þór Eysteinsson

Research Group Leader

Matís' office in East Iceland is located in Múlan-Samvinnuhús, Bakkavegur 5, 740 Neskaupstaður. The activities are twofold and are divided into service measurements and development and research work.

The service measurements are useful, for example, for food producers, institutions and companies in the area. The following measurements are made at the establishment:

Food and flour samples

  • Chemical measurements:
    • Protein (Dumas method)
    • Water-soluble protein
    • Water
    • Fita
    • Salt
    • Ash
    • Ammonia
    • Water and dirt in fish oil
    • Unbound fatty acids in fish oil
    • pH
  • Microbiology:
    • Total number of microorganisms at various temperatures
    • Enterobacteriaceae
    • E. coli (E. coli bacteria)
    • Salmonella
    • Listeria (Listeria and Listeria monocytogenis)

Water sample

  • Chemical and physical measurements:
    • Hovercraft
    • BOD
    • Conductivity
    • Grugg
    • pH
    • Ammonia
    • Oil and fat
    • Free chlorine and total chlorine
  • Microbiology:
    • Total number of microorganisms at various temperatures
    • E. coli (E. coli bacteria)
    • Enterococci 

The service measurement contact is Stefán Þór Eysteinsson.

Sampling slip - food sample

Sampling slip - water sample

At Matís in Neskaupstaður, development and research work is carried out in collaboration with a strong food industry in the area in close collaboration with domestic and foreign universities. The plant has a powerful biomass plant that can be used for research in the area.   

The contact person for development and research work is Stefán Þór Eysteinsson.

Matís in Neskaupstaður:

Bakkavegur 5
740 Neskaupstaður
Phone: 477-1250 / GSM: 858-5026