National Reference Laboratory


Natasa Desnica

Research Group Leader

Matís acts as a National Reference Laboratory (NRL) under Regulation (EC) No 882/2004. This regulation covers official controls performed to ensure the verification of compliance with feed and food law, animal health and animal welfare rules, and establishes a network of European and National Reference laboratories. In each area of food and feed control, a European Reference Laboratory (EURL) is identified to coordinate activities in this area. They are supported by a network of National Reference laboratories (NRL) who co-ordinate activities within their own member state and contribute to the European wide activities.

Matís and Atvinnuvegur and the Ministry of Industry & Innovation (ANR) have agreed on Matís' operation of National Reference Laboratory (NRL) eNational Reference Laboratory (NRL)) in accordance with Regulation no. 106/2010 and Act no. 93/1995. According to the agreement, Matís handles NRL's operations in 11 areas:

Reference laboratories in Iceland operate in collaboration with other reference laboratories in the European Economic Area. The statutory role and main responsibilities of the reference laboratory are diverse and include the coordination of the activities of nominated public research in each country. This includes advice and guidance on measurement methods, participation in the development and verification of measurement methods and the organization of comparative tests, inform designated laboratories in the field of measurement about comparative tests, monitor laboratory results and offer assistance or take actions according to Art. a specific process if necessary, disseminating knowledge and information from foreign reference laboratories to laboratories in Iceland, providing scientific and technical assistance to the competent authorities and maintaining accreditation.

It should be noted that Matís is not a supervisory body, supervision is in the hands of Matvælastofnun (MAST), or those parties to whom Matvælastofnun entrusts the implementation of supervision. Matís Reference Laboratories are one of the most advanced in the country and can meet the diverse needs of customers with a wide range of accredited measurement methods in many different areas. The laboratories are also well connected to foreign laboratories and mediate measurements that cannot be performed in Iceland.

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