Analytics & Services


Natasa Desnica

Research Group Leader

Matís Laboratory offers microbiological and chemical research on food, water, raw materials, medicines, feed and environmental samples. To ensure safety and health, measurements are needed that show that all production processes are in a good and safe direction.

Matís has state-of-the-art laboratories that carry out both microbiological, chemical and physical measurements of food, drinking water, medicines, feed and environmental samples. Matís' service measurements take place in Reykjavík and Neskaupstaður.

In addition to measurements, Matís provides advice to public bodies, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, slaughterhouses and private parties in connection with measurements.
Matís mediates in sending samples for measurements to foreign laboratories in cases where Matís does not offer them.

Matís is accredited for the vast majority of the methods used. Accreditation is an official quality certification that indicates whether the requirements of the ISO 17025 standard are complied with.

The opening hours of service measurements are from 8:30 to 16:00.