Chemical Analysis


Natasa Desnica

Research Group Leader

Important emphases in the chemical measurements are the combination of raw materials and products in food processing and feed preparation and the changes in their quality and safety that occur during processing and storage, such as nutritional value, shelf life and stability.

Numerous chemical measurements are performed at Matís as a customer service, the most common being:

  • General chemical measurements (protein, fat, salt, water, ash, etc.).
    Matís is accredited by Swedac, the Swedish accreditation body for 8 general chemical measurements
  • Quality measurements of fish and fish products (TVN, Totox, rotamine, etc.).
  • Measurements of mineral and trace elements. Contact: Natasa Desnica
    Minerals and trace elements are measured in food, feed and environmental samples. Matís is accredited by Swedac, the Swedish accreditation body, for a method for 9 metals in fish and fish oil, meat and milk.
  • Pesticide measurements. Contact: Eydís Ylfa Erlendsdóttir
    At Matís, pesticide measurements are carried out in fruit, vegetables and cereals, the measurements are accredited by Swedac, the Swedish accreditation body. Matís has identified 192 pesticides. Pesticides are usually divided into 4 categories of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and stimulants, but these are substances that control plant growth.
  • Nutritional value for labeling.
    Matís can help you prepare a nutrition declaration (formerly called nutrition labeling). We advise you what materials need to be measured and how to take samples. If it is possible to calculate the nutritional value, we will take it on.
  • You can get more information about food labeling on Matís' website here: Packaging labels - Matís (
  • The ÍSGEM database can be used for food labeling. Information about the database and its search can be found here: ÍSGEM

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