Horizon 2020


Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir

Deputy CEO / Director of Research & Innovation


Matís has been part of various projects within the Horizon 2020 program and builds on the success already established within Seventh Framework Program (FP7). Our projects within the current FP and the previous FP7 are listed below.

Matís has from the beginning systematically emphasized international cooperation in research projects and has good connections and earned good reputation in international R&D community. Matís' employees are well educated and have experience in foreign collaboration and their cooperation is sought after. Through international research projects Matís also gains access to knowledge and equipment that is not available in Iceland.

Already, Matís has been selected as a participant in:

Value creation within the bioeconomy and the development of policy and infrastructure in areas in need of understanding and training in food production is one of our expertise. We have participated in numerous developmental programs with governments and developmental aid funds alike. Such projects include working with Tanzanian government improving fisheries in Lake Tanganyika, courses and consultation for the Kenyan government on quality issues for fish, the treatment of the catch, fish processing methods and packaging. And, last but not least, Matís' participation in the United Nation University Fisheries Training Program (UNU-FTP) where Matís has handled the specialist training in Quality Management of Fish Handling and Processing part of the program.

For years Matís has been considered a valuable partner in multiple diverse projects and has taken part in successful cooperation with our partners around the world. Our success would not be possible without our strong belief in integrity.

Integrity, whether it be science integrity or business integrity, is the cornerstone of our operation.