Genetic analysis of commercial stocks, livestock & food


Sæmundur Sveinsson

Research Group Leader

The projects include genetic analysis of useful and wild strains and data processing, as well as sequencing of the genetic material of organisms and the search for new genetic boundaries and the development of genetic kits.

Genetic analysis of wild strains is used for research on strains and strain units. These include salmon, cod, lobster, herring, sandeel, ling, etc. species. Genetic analysis can be used in traceability research and species analysis, whether it is eggs, juveniles, fillets from a counter or canned food.

Genetic analysis has been used in human genetics in recent decades, but this technology is now increasingly used in zoology and is especially important in research on wild marine stocks. It is also an important goal to develop phenotypic genetic markers, but good genetic markers are the basis for successful research of this kind.

Matís is the only company in Iceland that has systematically built up genetic analysis of animals.