Eva Margrét Jónudóttir

Project Manager


At Matís' location in the west, staff work on research and consultancy with a focus on diverse agriculture.

Matís' western branch is at Hvanneyrargatu 3 in Borgarfjörður and there are two employees there. The research and consulting of staff in the West is not limited to the region, but a lot of work is done in teams with people and companies from all over the country as well as abroad. The main focus has been livestock products and other agricultural products, side streams, product development, internal control, quality issues and consumers, but in addition, staff in the West have taught part-time at both the University of Iceland and the Agricultural University of Iceland.

The area has great future potential in food production, and underutilized opportunities drip like butter from every straw. Natural resources, knowledge, human resources and geographical location are important factors that support that claim.

Matís in Hvanneyri

Hvanneyrargata 3
311 Borgarnes
Phone: 422 5140