Terms of business

Matís' general terms of business

Terms of business apply to all transactions Matís ohf. (here also referred to as the company) and its customers (here also referred to as buyers), unless otherwise agreed. Customers must familiarize themselves with the terms before trading takes place. By doing so, customers agree to trade with Matís ohf and agree to its terms in full.

The customers who are in account transactions at the same time accept the company's business terms as they are at any given time.

All products and services purchased from Matís ohf are covered by the terms. The company reserves the right to change both general business terms and special terms without notice. With these terms, older terms expire.

Account transactions

If a customer requests an account transaction, he shall apply for it separately at the company's office. It is a prerequisite for account transactions that adequate collateral is available for account audits.

Matís ohf sets conditions for account transactions according to a credit rating based on information from Creditinfo. Matís ohf's current accounts are monthly accounts and invoices are sent out at the end of each month.

Matís ohf reserves the right to reject transactions if necessary.

Customers must send Matís ohf a notice of a change of address if applicable.


All prices provided by the company are the base price according to the current price list. Value added tax is not included in the stated price unless specifically stated. Tariffs are subject to change without notice.

Terms of payment

The arrangement is used for collecting trade payables for account transactions with Matís ohf that payment slips are sent to the customer at the beginning of each month. Comments on issued invoices must be received by the company within 20 days from the date of issue, otherwise they are considered approved. Customers who are allowed to send payment slips agree to pay a special note fee according to the price list at any given time.

The due date of the current account balance is the 14th day of the following month. The deadline is the 21st day of the following month following the audit month.

If the invoice is not paid no later than the due date, e.g. e. for the 21st day of the next month following the withdrawal month, penalty interest is calculated according to Art. Article 6 l. 38/2001 of the customer's total debt to the company.

Reference is made to the Collection Act no. 95/2008 and current regulations regarding collection fees

If a debt is not paid within the deadlines granted to the customer by a collection letter and / or collection warnings, the company has full authority to send a trade debt for legal collection without further notice.

The company reserves the right to refuse customers services if the debt situation is in the legal collection process.


The agreements between Matís ohf and its customers, these terms and other terms related to them are governed by Icelandic law. In the event of litigation or legal collection due to the company's business and the customer, a case can be brought before the Reykjavík District Court.

General Terms and Conditions Matís ohf. in pdf format.