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Lava Cheese

Matís operates a so-called food workshop. The food factory is in fact a kitchen and processing facility with a variety of equipment, appliances and utensils available so that it is possible to carry out a variety of food processing in the facility. Processing may take place provided that it has obtained the required operating license or certification.

Two of the entrepreneurs who have worked on their projects at Matarsmiðjan are Guðmundur Páll Líndal and Jóhann Már Helgason at Lava Cheese

In 2017, the members Guðmundur Páll and Jósep Birgir Þórhallsson founded the company Lava Cheese but later Jóhann Már came into the production and they run the company Guðmundur today. In late 2016, the idea came to light when those friends sat together and feasted on grilled sandwiches with cheese, but talked about the fact that they jumped, grilled the cheese that had hardened on the grill the best part of the meal. Based on these conversations, they began further brainstorming and development and the cheese snack Lava Cheese emerged.

The Lava Cheese snack is made from Icelandic cheese that is cooked in an oven so that it turns into crispy and delicious cheese flakes. Ambition is set to achieve a slightly burnt taste and that is one of the special features of the snack. No unhealthy additives are added to the products, but some varieties are flavored, for example with chili flakes or onions. In one box, therefore, the nutritional information is about 39% protein and 0% carbohydrates. This means that the snack is a good choice for those who choose a low-carb diet or keto.

Today you can get Lava Cheese snacks in various stores all over the country. There are four flavors of the snack, namely Chili, Smoked, Sour cream & onion and Plain flavor, which is really tasteless. It is possible to consume the snack in various ways, but it is most common to eat it alone as a snack. However, the imagination has dominated many people and people have spread slices of Lava Cheese, for example by placing sour cream and caviar or pesto, a slice of bacon and eggs on top of the chips. It is also ideal to crush Lava Cheese in the salad bowl and some recipes at the local salad restaurant offer just that option.

More information about Lava Cheese can be found on their website, among others here  and information in English here.