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The ice processing

Matís operates a so-called food workshop. The food factory is in fact a kitchen and processing facility with a variety of equipment, appliances and utensils available so that it is possible to carry out a variety of food processing in the facility. Processing may take place provided that it has obtained the required operating license or certification.

Two of the entrepreneurs who have worked on their projects at Matarsmiðjan are Daníel Jón Jónsson and Fannar Alexander Arason at Klakavinnslan. 

In 2018, the company Klakavinnslan was founded and today it is Daníel Jón, one of the founders, and Fannar Alexander who take care of the operation. They have both worked in the restaurant industry for years and got to know each other through that work. They are big fans of good and high-quality drinks, but in their work as bartenders they often found that the low quality of the ice cream they used in the making of the drink meant that they could not serve drinks of the quality they would have preferred. In their opinion, glaciers did not receive enough attention in the restaurant world, despite the fact that they were a large and important part of most of the drinks served by bartenders. In addition, access to good clocks was minimal in Iceland

Those members saw an opportunity there to start production in Iceland of high-quality clams from Icelandic water. There is no newspaper about the fact that Icelandic water is one of the best in the world, so they envisioned that ice made from it, made according to the rules of the art, could be exceptionally good. The ice from Klakavinnslan is frozen slowly and with pressure so that they become very dense. There is no air left in them and they are therefore completely clear and free of holes. This means that each glaze melts more slowly than otherwise and as a result the drink stays undiluted and in its true form much longer.

Klakavinnslan conducts business services, so it is possible to get ice from them for your drink at the various restaurants and bars in Reykjavík, such as Slippbarn, Sushi Social and Miami. In addition, product development has taken place and many exciting things in the pipes, but they have recently been put on sale in Melabúðin and selected Hagkaup stores so people can approach them in a simple way and cool their drink.

More information about The ice processing can be found at their website