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SVAVA the Icelandic Mustard lady

Matís operates a so-called food workshop. The food factory is in fact a kitchen and processing facility with a variety of equipment, appliances and utensils available so that it is possible to carry out a variety of food processing in the facility. Processing may take place provided that it has obtained the required operating license or certification.

One of the entrepreneurs who has worked on his projects in Matarsmiðjan is Svava at Sælkeraspinnepi Svava or SVAVA The Icelandic mustard lady 

Svava H. Guðmundsdóttir is behind the project, the beginning of which can be traced to the fact that she lived with her family in southern Sweden in the years 1975-1982. There is a special Scanian mustard around it, it is a strong mustard with a sweet taste, a very popular side dish with various foods and Svava learned to make it herself. When the family moved home, it proved difficult to find this type of mustard in the country's stores, which led Svava to develop its own mustard under the influence of Scanian. Around the time of the economic collapse, Svava began to think of new opportunities to seize life and saw the possibility of expanding the niches in mustard production, which until then had only been intended for family and friends.

Production The company Sólakur ehf started in 2014 under the name Sælkerasinnep Svava but in 2020 the packaging and name were changed and the products are now available under the brand
SVAVA (The Icelandic Mustard Lady).

Mustard seeds from Sweden are used in the production, but we try to get as much of the other raw materials as possible from Iceland and preferably from local people in the district. This shows itself well in the product range, but today 6 taste-related products are produced; Strong sweetness, which is the basic mustard, Main blueberry and thyme, Cumin and liqueur, Flóki whiskey, Icelandic rhubarb and Licorice. All types of mustard also contain Icelandic beer from the north, Kaldi lager.

Iceland does not have the same tradition of using mustard with and in food as in the other Nordic countries, but with the introduction of mustard from Svava, access to good mustard has increased and therefore there is nothing to stop you from trying your hand at cooking. The mustard can be used with sausages, on top of bread, with grilled fish or meat, in marinating for barbecue, in salad dressings and even with stews to name a few.

More information about SVAVA The Icelandic mustard lady can be found at the company's facebook page.