Processing processes

Ensure quality, efficiency and improved utilization

Good processing processes contribute to increased value creation by increasing the quality of raw materials and the stability of products during storage and transport, and increasing the safety and efficiency of production. Matís provides a variety of advice on the development and adaptation of processing processes. All products that go on the market have to go through a standard production process that is important to update and review if there are any changes in production, for example if production volume is to be increased. 

In the development of processing processes, the impact of individual factors on processing and effect on the quality and shelf life of products is assessed, such as handling, temperature, processing and packaging methods. The processing process is then adjusted as needed to maximize quality and shelf life.

Cooling chains - Proper cooling of raw materials in production, transport and all the way to the consumer increases the shelf life and quality of the product.

Improved utilization - Improved utilization of raw materials results in lower discounts and increased value. Matís specializes in consulting on improved utilization, how side raw materials can be utilized, and the application of biotechnology in processing.

Feeding and feed preparation - Proper feeding and feed type have a great impact on the quantity and quality of meat, dairy products and farmed fish. Matís is a leader in the development of new high-quality feed ingredients that aim for lower environmental impact, lower costs and better growth. Matís owns a feed extruder and provides companies with access to such equipment, as well as advice on use.

Aquaculture - Matís runs a research facility for aquaculture where experts work on research on fish growth and behavior as well as various biological factors. Matís focuses on the development and testing of new feed ingredients and feed types, where, among other things, digestibility, growth and feed utilization are measured. Matís provides aquaculture companies with various advice related to the industry.