Environmental issues


Sophie Jensen

Project Manager


Environmental issues

New challenges and social responsibility

Following the raising of environmental awareness, most companies are beginning to consider reforms in their production processes and product development. Most of Matís' projects are in some way related to environmental issues, whether it is improving the utilization of raw materials and less waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions or measuring and monitoring environmental factors.

Environmental research and pollution measurements

Matís undertakes planning, sampling, measurements and reporting for environmental monitoring in industrial areas. Projects in this area are either due to suspected incidental pollution from operations or are part of a companies' regular environmental monitoring plan to assess the impact on the environment caused by their operations.

Odor pollution

If odor pollution is suspected, it is useful to have an independent party diagnose and describe the pollution. Matís' sensory assessment group assists in detecting whether odor pollution is present and at what concentration, in addition to providing descriptions of the odor. It is also possible in some cases to measure certain pollutants in the air.

Best production processes and life cycle analysis

Matís works with companies in the food and biotechnology industry to optimize production processes with the aim of minimizing costs and maximizing production. Matís also participates in environmental impact assessment through a Life Cycle Assessment, where products or production processes are assessed with regard to the impact on the environment.

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