Quality issues


Margeir Gissurarson

Strategic Scientist


Produce safe, high-quality products

Matís offers a variety of services related to quality issues, from genetic, microbial and chemical analysis, to the installation of quality manuals and advice on internal control.

Product food

The properties and quality of a raw material or product that is under development or production often need to be assessed. Measurements, such as microorganisms and various substances, are selected as needed to ensure safety or to assess whether the product meets the requirements for quality, nutritional value or ingredients. Sensory evaluation is used to assess the properties of the product's odor, appearance, taste and texture.

Faulty product

To determine whether a product is damaged or defective, a sensory evaluation is performed where deviations from the standard product are detected. Chemical and / or microbiological measurements are also performed as needed to determine whether a product is damaged or defective.

Quality manuals

Quality manuals make it easier for companies to manage quality and safety in the production, handling and storage of raw materials and products. They need to be adapted to the activities of the companies in question and change with a changed procedure. Matís assists with the installation of quality manuals.

Risk factor analysis - HACCP

Food companies need to establish quality systems based on the HACCP system, which consists of good practice, risk analysis and important control positions. It depends on the nature of food companies how detailed their quality system needs to be. Matís assists food companies in the installation of HACCP systems and quality systems that meet official requirements.

Internal control

Requirements for internal control depend on the activities and scope of companies. Matís sells service measurements (chemical measurements, microbial measurements and sensory assessments), provides advice and carries out audits of companies' internal control.


Value chain traceability facilitates quality management in production, in addition to being useful in product marketing and thus increasing their value. Following increased awareness of product fraud, demands for traceability in the main markets of Icelandic products have grown. Matís provides advice on the installation of systems that facilitate the traceability of products in their value chain.

The type articleg and breeding

Matís verifies the origin of meat, fish and vegetables in products by genetic analysis. Matís also offers services to check if horsemeat is found in processed foods. Genetic analysis is widely used for breeding in aquaculture and agriculture, for example by analysis of scrapie in sheep. Matís offers parental analyzes in cattle, horses and dogs. An analysis of the origin of salmon is also offered, for example if there is any doubt as to whether a particular fish originated from salmon farming or wild stocks.